Helping students achieve the Forms of Capital

CPlay Moolah (2016)

“I have no teaching experiences yet, however, I am conscious of what society is about and this is what I thought about it.”

     The forms of capital are undoubtedly some factors teachers all over the world have to take into account when teaching a language. These teachers have a certain degree of responsibility for their pupils to succeed. For that reason, some examples on how to approach students to lead them to the right path through the forms of capital are stated as follow. Showing them the importance of these forms for their success in life, promoting communicative skills and telling them how the language provides lots of opportunities globally are the main factors students have to be explained.

     Students may achieve the forms of capital when they are provided with examples on how education helps. They need to know that education will give them skills to achieve these forms while obtaining knowledge. Additionally, I would show them how languages, in this case English, play such an important role when it comes to socializing, getting a wealth position and studying around the world.

     As an English teacher, I would promote communicative skills when teaching the language. For instance, providing authentic input to my learners such as ads, songs, movies, videos among other things so that they do not feel insecure when speaking and get to develop good social skills in the target language. This way, they will get the social capital for sure. In the end, they will be able to persuade others through language and deal with social aspects of its kind.

     Another crucial aspect to remark on my students would be the way English opens up doors. Whether it is when extra languages are considered by employers when selecting candidates for a job or for students when it offers opportunities to get scholarships that will give them economic support for needed resources through their education process.

     To sum up, students have to have a clear structure on how the forms of capital function so that they know perfectly how to get to achieve these objectives and why so. Therefore, it is so meaningful that language teachers not only focus on pedagogical aspects such accuracy and fluency but also on these forms of capital that in the end will determine whether they succeed or not.



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One thought on “Helping students achieve the Forms of Capital

  1. I agree with you. We as future teacher have to know that we are not only teaching a language, but we are teaching also skills to prepare students to the “real world”. Because when we talk about learning a new language students face more issues, speaking, confident, etc. And they will not be surprise of what the future has for them, they will have an idea of what is next.

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